Caring for plants during the holidays

If you are traveling on vacation, taking care of your plants is a concern. But if you take precautions, you will be assured that your absence for a few days will not adversely affect your plants.

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Caring for plants during the summer holidays

In summer, plants are actively growing and their need for water is much more than in winter, so if your trip lasts more than a week, the wisest way is to ask a friend or relative to visit your plants sometimes. and give water If this friend or relative is inexperienced, be sure to remind them of the dangers of overwatering

If you can’t find a (plant nurse), pick off the buds and flowers, keep the pots out of direct sunlight, and give them plenty of water. If you can cover the pots with moist moss, these preparations are not enough for the plants, even in the middle of summer. There are several examples of automatic irrigation devices in the market that you can buy. Hemp cloths are also available, which solves the problem of long-term watering of pots by absorbing water drop by drop. Each pot can be equipped with a cotton wick and put the wick in the water tank, or put them in a polyethylene bag and close it.

Caring for plants during the winter holidays

During the winter months, if you keep the plants in a room that has the lowest temperature required for those plants, your absence for a week or two will not be a problem. During this time, never leave the plants behind the window of the room. If you can, place them on a table in the middle of the room and water them until the compost or soil is wet.