Benefits of houseplants for the home

Keeping all kinds of flowers and plants in homes or workplaces has positive effects on our soul and body, that’s why it is necessary to have them in the living place. The benefits of apartment flowers are so effective that we have to take a closer look at plants. Plants interact with human life and control and manage everything from sleep quality to reducing noise pollution.
The view of plants years ago was limited to beautifying the space, but now many people have become aware that plants are the saviors of humans and it is better to look at the types of flowers and plants suitable for the apartment from another perspective. Stay with us until the end of this article to learn about the benefits of houseplants.

What you will read in this article

Air purifying properties

According to research conducted on the benefits of indoor plants, it was concluded that plants can filter up to 78% of the toxins in the air. That is, the plants you place in the apartment absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and convert it into oxygen.

Pollutants that plants purify:

Pollutants enter the air in different ways, such as: nail polish, benzene, printer ink, artificial leather, etc.
By keeping the appropriate plant in your living or working environment, you can reduce the bad effects of toxins in the air on your body and soul. Here are some plants that help purify the air:

Increasing efficiency and reducing stress

You may have had a hard day or you may not be in a good mood due to some pressure. In this situation, a little walk in the park, shopping centers or interacting with people can reduce this negative burden.
In fact, according to statistics, interaction makes your thoughts free and you forget stress for a while. Interaction is not only about external activities, keeping a plant is also interaction.
The Journal of Physiological Anthropology published an article years ago that is the proof and the main reason for stress reduction by plants. According to this article, watering, pruning, maintaining and moving plants reduces stress and increases happiness in people.

Increasing learning is one of the benefits of houseplants

It is interesting to know that buying a suitable apartment flower and placing it in the home environment increases learning in children. During a research, it was found that children who have a relationship with flowers and plants have a higher learning intelligence than children who have no relationship with flowers and plants. The presence of flowers and plants in places where children are present increases their concentration and attention.
In recent years, a research was conducted in this field, the participants of this experiment were the employees of the large Amazon company; The work space of the employees was filled with apartment flowers and the result and the yield obtained from this experiment was extremely surprising and surprising.
The result of the experiment showed that the employees were more productive than other working hours, and the sick time of the employees was also reduced.
Most people spend a lot of time working or studying, placing a vase on the desk helps to increase concentration and then learn better.

Increase happiness

Another benefit of houseplants is to increase the feeling of happiness. Imagine that you are a mother who spends an hour of the day taking care of the plants, singing to the plants, talking to them and taking care of the daily affairs of the plants.
Taking care of plants increases happiness and tenderness in people, the choice is yours.
Research has also been done in this field, which shows that patients admitted to the hospital, who have flowers and plants around their room, recover faster than other patients. Therefore, buying or propagating houseplants can have many benefits for you.

Reducing the feeling of fatigue by increasing air humidity

The humidity level is as effective as oxygen in human life, you can read some of the benefits of humidity below:

During photosynthesis, plants release a significant amount of oxygen, which increases the humidity in the space. Maintaining houseplants increases humidity, put them together to meet the environment’s need for humidity.

Prevention of allergies

Allergies are usually caused by exposure of the body’s immune system to allergens. Try to expose your children to these types of plants early by desensitization, in this case you will help them to strengthen their immune system and prevent allergies in the future.
Spring is a symbol of sneezing and runny nose for many people; Because by entering this season, the small particles that are suspended in the air will hurt these people and prevent them from living a comfortable life.
Besides the drug treatments that exist for this disease, other methods are also suggested. Taking advantage of the benefits of houseplants may seem funny, but the presence of some plants helps these patients breathe easily and makes them wake up peacefully in some seasons.

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